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Dan Kelchner English......Mr Krucli
fate journal
all quiet on the western front
julius caeser
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The difference between free will and fate is that free will is something that you deside needs to be done and fate is something your destined to do. If a person thinks that killing animals is wrong then they have free will to think and do what they want. A persons fate is something totally different. Say you get on a plane to go to Hawaii to protest animal writes,  there’s a storm and the plane goes down. Free will may have put you in the situation but the plane going down is fate. I think humanitys existence is dertermined by fate. To say free will determines everything is outrageous. Fate is what makes everything in your life happen. Its fate that your dog died when you were 5 fate when you got in that car accident when you were 21. Fate decides everything to shape your life. 

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