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Dan Kelchner English......Mr Krucli
imegry and tone
all quiet on the western front
julius caeser
Literature Assignments
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Danny Kelchner


                        Imagery and tone.



1. In the first stanza, the mariner frefers to the men as beautiful, He uses the visual and tactile image of thousand thousand slimy things to describe the monsters. The image of the slimy monster suggests a creature that is frightiening disgusting and horrific.


2. The marieners attitude changes to one of awe and fascination in the second stanza. Visual images such as “rich attire” coiled and swam and flash of golden fire  demonstrate the fact that the speaker has now turned hit attention away from the dead men and noticed the fascinating beauty of the sea monsters.


B. 1     Read the passage. How does Hujuelos create the auditory imagery of drumming? In other words, how do the words imitate the sounds they represent?

He creates the auditory imagery of drumming by describing how the drum sounds like “There’s rain drums, like pitter-patter but a hundred times faster” hujuelos also says then the thickest-forest-tree-trunks-pounding-drums. All of these are used to discribe the beating of the drums.


2      Hujuelos repeats the word then eight times in the passage. What does this repetition contribute to the auditory image of the drumming?

It contributes reptition and emphesis on then. It makes you relize how many different types of THEN there are.


C. 1        Although the narrator “looks into the distance,” the images are primarily auditory. What are the auditory images in the passage? What mood do these images create?

   The auditory images is like when the dog is barking. It shows that there might be someone there that shouldn’t be. The hum of bees represents a soothing sound that can be relaxing. These images create a sence of the outdoors and relaxation.



2               The last sentence of this passage contains an olfactory image (the musky odor of pinks full the air). What effect does the use of an olfactory image, after the series of auditory images, have on the reader? Its confusing because your thinking of all these different images then you have to try and  think of what the smell smells like.


1.)      What feelings do you associate with images of dusty mountains and dry earth?

2.) These are two images associated with land in the third sentence. Identify the two images and compare and contrast the feelings these images evoke.

The two images of dusty mountains and dry earth imply a ragged or dead land.  It makes the reader feel depressed and sorrowful.

“Heaviest rains”, “seeped”, “parched”  the image of heaviest rains implies that there is rain but it still does no good for the parched soil.  This invokes a feeling of hopelessness and sorrow.


1.)      Paraphrase the image of the first two lines. What mood does the image create?

2.)      List the auditory images in these lines. How do these images help create the mood of the passage?

The woman is pulling her hair back in preparation for the music that she is about  to play on her fiddle.  This creates a mood of serenity and silence.

She fiddled “whisper music” this inspires a mood of serenity and peace, as well as putting the reader into a quasi trance while the rest of the poem bu 

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