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Literature Assignments
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audio by grant heiniken lindsey romero and danny kelchner

Danny Kelchner



April 30 2005


Shakespeare Scene Analysis.


In scene act 3 scene 3 Cinna the poet gets killed by an angry mob. He is killed because a conspiretor by the name of Cinna has the same name as the poet. Even after telling the mob that he is Cinna the Poet they say “kill him his name is Cinna. We chose this scene because it is a very ironic scene. Its ironic because even after the mob finds out that his name is Cinna the poet they kill him just because his name is Cinna.

            In act 3 scene 3 I am the first citizen. He, along with the rest of the mob, seem anxious to convict Cinna of being the conspiritor. First citizen seem to be filled with anxiety because he feels that every person named Cinna needs to be killed because there once was a conspiritor named Cinna. He also seems to be the leader of the mob. He’s the one who engages the conversation between Cinna and is the one who suggests to kill him. He also has anger problems. When he went up to Cinna he wanted to kill him the second saw him just because they thought he was a conspiritor. Through being anxious, angry, and wanting to kill someone, first citizen participated in killing Cinna the poet.  

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