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Dan Kelchner English......Mr Krucli
chp 3. questions
all quiet on the western front
julius caeser
Literature Assignments
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Chapter 3
1. For what does Katzcinsky have a reputation?
He has a reputation for being able to find food no matter where they are located at.
2. How does Kropp think wars should be fought?
The countries leaders should fight with clubs and the one alive wins
3. What were Himmelstoss's drill exercises?
It consist of the men running and rolling around in the mud and then after the drills are done everyone has to report back and have nice clean closes
4. What had been Himmelstoss's profession before the war?
He was the mail man
5. What does Kropp say happens to little men like Himmelstoss when they get stars or stripes?
That person changes and thinks they are a big shot and they are better then everyone else
6. What reason does Kropp give for officers' making drill exercises so difficult?
It will strengthen the bond between the men
Chapter 4:
1. What is the importance of the "earth to a soldier?"
The earth will provide cover from artillery shells
2. What influence does the front have on soldiers?
It changes the men because they see the people around them being shot and killed
3. What two situations in battle serve a comic relief from the grim battle being waged?
The soldier that crapped his pants during combat and the fireworks
4. What does the death of the horses represent?
It represents a soldier that is fighting with them
5. What does the graveyard scene say about the value of human life?
It shows the value of human life because the troops were in the graveyard and they used the coffins for cover
6. Why is this such an important chapter in the novel?
Paul and Kat had to shoot their own men to stop the suffering

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