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Dan Kelchner English......Mr Krucli
constantly risking questions
all quiet on the western front
julius caeser
Literature Assignments
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1. To what sort of performer is the poet compared?

The poet is compared to an acrobat.

2. Name at least 3 feats of the poet/performer.

            1) balancing on eyebeams
            2) climbs on rime
            3) performing entrachats and sleight-of-foot tricks

3. What picture of the poet does Ferlinghetti create by calling him a "little charleychaplin man?" Contrast this image with that of beauty in lines 25-26. What does this contrast suggest about the relationship between a poet and art? Create links to Charley Chaplin information sites or to a Charley Chaplin short feature on the web. 

            He creates a picture of a clown-like performer who is goofy looking and awkward yet talented. Beauty is in simplicity or perfection. Beauty is clean cut and good looking unlike the awkward appearance e of Charlie Chaplin. The poet is creating something more beautiful than he is. He is showing his beauty through his art.

4.  Define realist. Since super means both "above" and to "a greater degree”, what two ideas about poetry does Ferlinghetti suggest when he says that the poet is a "super realist."

            Realist- One who is inclined to literal truth and pragmatism

            Ferlinghetti is suggesting that the poet is not only inclined to literal truth but he goes above and beyond it. The poet thinks and writes like a realist.

5. Find three example of Ferlinghetti's inventiveness with language (puns, compound words, etc.) and describe the effects of each.

1) charleychaplin man- This compound word its make its sound as if he is a Charlie chaplin like person. As if Charlie Chaplin were a thing.

2) spreadeagled- This compound word forms together to describe his characteristics that are similar to an eagles movement.

3) climbs on rime- The is a play on the word rime. In this spelling it means ice but spelled like rhyme it is speaking of the poets words.

6. What is the tone of the poem? Explain.,

Speaker has a tone towards the poet of clown like, awkward. The poet does not have beauty. Pitiful/ mockery

            Speaker has a tone towards beauty or art as perfect and flawless. Awe

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