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Dan Kelchner



October 6 2005


Journal Entry Number 1-


The week of November 21st- November 27th Age 6


Today I am writing my first journal entry. My name is Dominic Hildegard from Normandy and my lord is Lord Francis. My goal is to become a knight for my lord and even though I have only ridden on a horse a couple of times I am sure that nothing will come in my way in achieving my goal of becoming a Knight. I think that becoming a knight would be the greatest thing that happened in my life but my parents especially my dad feel that It will interfere with my daily life. They don’t understand that I am a gifted child and that I can do every task that is given with me and do it with perfection. One year from now I will start my training for Lord Francis in becoming a Knight.


Journal Entry Number 2-


The week of November 21st , Age 7


On November 21st I woke up early to go to Lord Francis’ castle to start my training, I thought I was the only seven year old going to become a knight. Boy was I wrong, there was a list of about 100 names of boys that all have the same dream that I do. But I didn’t think twice when I signed in because I knew that after training I will be one of Lord Francis’ knights.



Journal Entry Number 3-


Week of Novermber 21st- November 27th , age 8


This week was filled with good news and bad news. The good news is that I will be allowed to marry a girl when I am at the age of 12. To inform you I have been training for Lord Francis for the past year and I am loving it except for one incident when my opponent cut me with his sword that left a cut 3 leafs long and almost a full leaf deep in which I had to have string woven tightly together with my skin to stop the excessive bleeding. It was unfortunate that my opponents blunt fell off or else I wouldn’t have had to get string woven into my skin. Me getting hurt was the bad news but the good news was I returned after a day of rest, not by my choice, and started to fight again. Nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goal even an un-blunted sword.


Journal Entry Number 4-


Week of September 12th- 18th, Age 15


After years of years of hard training, this week I heard the news from Lord Francis that I have been waiting to hear my whole life. He said that though I am very young, I am very skillful and that he plans for me in five years to fight in my first battle which would make me the youngest knight because usually a knight becomes a knight at the age of 21. When he complimented me and told me of the news I ran home to my wife Mary who was at our house which is a small house with very fertile land that I tend to every day.


Journal Entry Number 5-


Day of September 12th, Age 20


Lord Frances called an emergency knighting for me because tomorrow we are going to battle and I am going into my first battle. I know I will get heart, there is no question about that but I hope I don’t get severely heart or die because of my wife and because I would have only fought in one battle which would be disappointing considering the time I have put into becoming a Knight. I received my armor which was a lot better than the armor I have been using; it fit my body so well and felt really good. My sword was beautiful and I can picture it going through an enemy’s body.


Journal Entry Number 6-


Day of September 13th, Age 20


I came out of my first battle with pride and no body parts missing which were both pluses. The experience was second to nothing, I loved taking my sword and stabbing my enemies in the stomach, neck, arms, legs and basically every part. Every time I killed someone I felt great and my confidence kept on rising. The only problem I had was I lost my closest friend John, who was a year older than me and who I had trained with since I was seven and he was eight. Other than losing John my first battle was an excellent feeling that I will never forget.


Journal Entry Number 7-


Day of September 14th, Age 20


We have won the battle and I feel I was a huge contributor to the battle but walking through the battle field on the way home I see so many knights that I love and have grown up with, dead, and for brief instances I was very emotional but I didn’t let Lord Frances see my emotions because he would see weakness in me and up to this point all he ahs seen in me has been strengths. I got back home safely with Mary waiting for me on the porch, I hugged her and kissed her and then fell in my bed where I fell asleep because I was exhausted and in my dreams I reenacted all the good times I had with the knights that were killed.


Journal Entry Number 8-


Week of December 12th-18th, Age 21


My Life has settled down since the battle, I am back to farming on my beautiful land and my wife is working hard around the house. Mary just gave birth to our new born son Dominic who will definitely become the best knight ever. Unlike my dad I who sometimes haltered my progress as a knight, I am going to push my son to be the best knight ever and he will be the youngest knight to go into battle because of the things I will teach him. There is nothing wrong with my life right now, I have a beautiful wife and son, a great house and I am a knight.






Journal Entry Number 9-


Week of September 12th-18th, Age 28


It has been several years since I have written in my journal but I am back and better than ever.  I have emerged as the best knight out of all the knights and I have now fought in thirty battles. Dominic, my son, is now seven but unlike me he has already began training and is by far and away better than any of his peers. At age seven I believe he is better than some knights ten years older than he is, he is the product of me and my teachings and I think that he is very happy about his life but I don’t really know because he doesn’t really talk to me a lot.  Mary is pregnant with a baby and I am happy knowing what I can do with a boy and making him into a knight like I have done with Dominic.


Journal Entry Number 10-


Week of September 19th- 25th, Age 28


I am writing my last journal due to the fact that I am going to kill myself in about two months on my birthday. Why am I going to kill my self? My life is miserable now and my Knighthood is over with. On September 19th Dominic was so mad at what I was doing to him that at night he took my sword and sliced my left leg up really bad and I almost died because so much blood was lost which probably would have helped me. My leg has no mobility and I am not a knight anymore because of the lack of mobility. My son hates me and has quit becoming a knight and has run away from Mary and me.  Just to add to my problems, on September 22nd Mary gave birth to a GIRL! I wanted a boy that I could train to become a knight but no I received a girl. I am going to take my life with the sword that helped me kill people during battles, I am going to stick the sword right threw my heart and hope that Mary and my kids live a good life without me. 

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