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Martin Luther was born with the name Martin Luder on November 10, 1483 into a town called Eisleben.  Shortly after Martins birth, his family moved to a town called Mansfeld to better their family’s financial difficulties by mining copper.  Martin Luther went to the school of Lateinschule, a Latin school in Mansfeld.  As a student, Martin was scared and intimidated by the schools barbaric Middle Age teaching style and was very quiet, mostly keeping to himself.  In 1497, Martin Luther attended the boarding school, Brothers for Living Together.  He only attended there for a year.  Then in 1498, Martin Luther moved in with his relatives in Eisenach.  There Martin went to the local Parish School.




Family and Social Life

Martin Luther’s father owned a small farming area when Martin was first born.  This work was not working well for the Luther family so a few months after Martin was born, his father, Hans Luder, set out and moved his family to Mansfeld.  There he started his own Copper Mine.  This copper mine became very successful.  It became one of the best Copper Mines in town. 

 Martin Luther married Katharina von Bora on June 13th, 1525.  Katharina con Bora was a nun who had fled from a covenant in Nimbsch, a town near Grimma.  She also happened to be 16 years younger that Martin Luther.  Many of Martin Luther’s friends opposed his marriage because this act was what led to the downfall and Reformation.

 Martin Luther went against of what his friends called it as an “unlucky deed” and married Katharina von Bora.  Not only did he marry her but he also had six children.  Martin and Katharina were not the richest of people so Martin began to house students to help their financial situation.



Professional Life

On April 3rd, 1507, he became a priest.  His first mass took place on May 2nd 1507.  He said that he was so scared that he was a messenger of God that he almost ran away.  Martin Luther taught Monks for 2 years the aspects of philosophy. 

 On October 9th, 1509, Martin Luther received his Doctor’s degree in theology.  He eventually became Headperson of the Biblical Theology at the University of Wittenberg which Luther remained at that position for the rest of his life.  Martin Luther studied his gospels daily and he stated that when he studied, he became closer to God.  Even though in his mind he was still a sinner, he meditated and worshipped every day and thought himself to still not be good enough to be god’s messenger but he was to do his duties. 

 In 1512, Martin Luther was crowned Doctor of Divinity and began preaching in a large Castle like Church.  Martin Luther was very popular and people would line up and crowd outside the Church doors just to hear and see him preach.  Once Luther found about indulgences, he wrote the 95 Theses.  This was how Martin condemned the indulgences in the Catholic Church.  Luther almost got excommunicated from Pope Leo III and was put on trial.  He was also considered an outlaw and killing him was not punishable.  During this time, Martin Luther translated the book of god into many languages so the common people could understand it.



Golden years

After Martin Luther married on June 30th, 1525, he became sort of a family man, very generous to the people and to his family.  Constantly staying in contact with them making sure they were alright.  He got a lot of company and still had time to deal with his family and be a preacher at the same time. 

 On January 23, 1546, Luther set out for Eisleben at the urgent invitation of the princes of Mansfeld.  Martin Luther had been invited for the purpose of re-establishing peace in a family torn by bitter strife in this area.  After 20 days of working on the situation, he finally reached reconciliation.  On February 17th, Martin felt the end coming because he had not been feeling well so he asked to lie in a room with his sons and fellow monks. 

 Martin Luther lies in bed and asked God whether it was his time to die in the name of Jesus Christ.  His distinctive thought through prayer was a yes.  He stayed in bed and the next morning, was not to awake from his grave.  He died on February 18th 1546. 

 His ideas and thoughts are still used including his Reformation of the Church.  His reformation spread all over the world.  Even after 450 years, he is still recognized as one of the best preachers of the Protestant Church.


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