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Kelchner Dan



September 14 2005


                                                Study guide



History- ever since Irland began they have been constanly invaded. The Celtics invaded around 400b.c and were invaded by the Vikings from 1016 b.c til 800 AD.


Current politcal state (ie, N. part of UK)  The North is controlled by the U.K and the south is a free state is Ireland


extremism (ie, IRA) The IRA (Irish republican army) use bombs to kill innocent people in N. Ireland to scare the British out of Ireland.


reunification (who wants it? who doesn't? means what?) Most people want it just to stop the constant attacts. The IRA and other terrorist groups that are on opposing sides. It means that they agree to become one nation again and to become friends.


III. Pacific Rim/ Trade


history(ie, Kennedy 1961) In 1961 the Japan asked President Kennedy to ask his assistance in helping to revolve this "unfair" balance of trade problem. The president then asked our Trade Representative to see what could be done to aide the Japanese.


trade balance (in favor of who?) the Japanese because they tax all of our stuff and we don’t tax anything from Japan.


IV. National Debt


national debt vs. deficit- There is a difference between the deficit and the debt. The debt is the actual principal owed but the politicians are just trying to balance the interest. Politically debt and deficit sound so similar and the American public largely doesn't recognize the difference.


magnitude of national debt(possibe analogies)Its huge if you line up the national debt in dollar bills and drive at 65 mph every day till 1997  in a sraight line never stopping you would still have another 716 years till you finish.


effect on future The future is going to suck for everyone. Your going to have no money to do anything or by anything. Taxes are going to be off the charts.




Basic facts from hand-out  -AIDS= Acquired Immune Deficiency Disorder, attacks the immune system till a point when a commen cold can kill you.


treatment & research- The development of AZT has prolonged the life of AIDS patients by retarding the replication of the virus. AZT is now prescribed to not shown the signs of full blown AIDS.


History- - Its believed to be started in Africa and  the first case was in 1976 when a female Danish doctor fell ill while she was working in the jungle in Zaire.



causes & prevention- AIDS is caused by the HIV virus. The virus gets into the blood system and attacks the immune system by destroying T4 helper cells. Experimental drugs are being developed and tested. AIDS activists have forced the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to speed up drug trials, the argument being what do we have to lose, we are going to die anyway. 

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