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The Glorious Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and the Declaration

of the rights of man had similarities and also had some differences. The

glorious revolution took more power away from the government and help the

people get more rights and more power in the government. In the declaration

of independence, the document is also giving people more power and not as

much to the government. This also was meant to give the people protected

rights. The Declaration of the rights of man also had rights that man had

the right to have. All of these documents talk about the rights that people





The Glorious Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, and the

Declaration of the Rights of Man they are similar but also have differences

between them. The Glorious Revolution did other things than people?s

rights. The Glorious Revolution was made by England and also checked the

power of the monarchy. The Declaration of Independence was made by the

American to the British and said what rights the American people had that

the British could not disobey. In the Declaration of the rights of man was

written by the National Assembly, which are the French people. They wrote it

because they believed that the contempt, ignorance or neglect of the rights

of man was because the government was corrupt.


All of these documents impacted each other The Glorious Revolution impacted

the American Revolution and The American Revolution impacted the French

Revolution. The Glorious Revolution told about laws that should be obeyed

and so did the Declaration of Independence. Both were written around the

same time. This was a effected way of government and the French realized

this and they also had a Revolution.  In the end each of the different

documents impacted on another. 

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