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This website is a great website if you want to get into great detail about the Great War.  In this website, you get journals of soldiers, to pictures and art that was painted during the time.  Not only does it give you this but it gives an in-depth analysis of what is happening during the time and why he wrote that the way that he or she did.  This website is a great way to go into further detail about the Great Wear and not just basic information.  This is a great website.  You learn about the basics of the war.  It also gets involved into the battle tactics used.  In these battle tactics, they shared their maps and how they wrote and marked spots they wanted to attack.  Overall, I give this website 4.5 out of 5.  There is a lot of information and getting around the website is a little bit difficult.


This is another good website with a lot of pictures that give you a great idea of what was happening during this time in the war.  The pictures are of great quality and have great mean and actually involve things that happened in the war.  The thing that I like most about this website is that it has a timeline of what happened when.  The other cool thing about his website is the years are linked to what happened during that time.  This is for each side of the war.  The last good thing about this website is that is has a great picture for the western front.  The western front is very well described here.  What kind of warfare and tactics they used in the battles is very well described in this website.  The bad thing about this website is the lack of a variety of pictures.  I give this website 4 out of 5.  Overall a great website.


This is an ok website about the WWI heritage.  This is a site that talks about the heritage of WWI.  It goes well into what they liked to do for activities in the war and what the soldiers did in their free time.  They talked about the feelings that people thought of the war and what they had tried to do during that time.  The one major problem I have this website is the lack of pictures.  There is a very small amount of pictures.  The small amounts of pictures make this website very hard to understand because I am a very visual person.  I need pictures to understand a large amount of information.  For people who aren’t visual people, this website might be perfect and be full of great information but for a person like me, who needs pictures, this website is not so helpful.  Overall I give this website 3 out of 5.

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