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Danny Kelchner



March 6 2005.


1. Journal #1- Recall WWI and the conditions in Russia in 1800s and early 1900s. List possible causes for the Russian Revolution in 1917.


Causes for the Russian revolution are poor leadership, lack of food, and  pushing buy communist people in Russia all added to the Russian revolution. The czars in Russia had no food to feed his people so they rose up against him and over through him. The leadership in Russia was terrible. A good example is in wourld war I when Russia should be pulling out of the war the Russian czar sent him troops in unequipt. They were using muskets agains full atomatic matchine guns. Communist leaders in Russia pushed for communism and promised food for all people and give them a better country.



2. *Journal Question #2- What problems angered the people of St. Petersburg?

The czar angered them because he recruited people to go to war. He didn’t do his job so the communist’s jumped in and wanted to lead the people. The communists promised a better way of life for the people of st Petersburg. That’s where the communist revolution started.




  1. *Journal #3- Why is it often difficult to establish democracy in a country without a tradition of democratic government?


It is often hard because the people are use to the government doing everything for them. They never worked hard to get buy. The government would always do everything for them. If the people had never done anything for themselves then it will be hard for them to transition to another way of living especially if they need to get buy for themselves.  

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