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Dan Kelchners Online Portfolio

electronic portfolio semester 2
electronic portfolio semester 2
WW2 outline
online portfolio
Journal Entries
Study Guides
Cal Standards
special projects
Group Projecs
in class assignments

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3. WWI outline

4. grp. WWI audio

5. webliography

6. WWI study guide

7. causes and effects

10. resume/cover project

12. russian revolution studyguide

14.chp 29 outline

16. totalarianism studyguide

18. electronic version of project

20. research ppt.

23. w. hist standards

25. WW2 outline

28. WW2 studyguide

29. ww2 causes and effects

31. chp 32-33 outline

33. cold war study guide

37. final exam study guide

39. journals

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Mr. Haskels History