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Causes/ Effects of World War I

1) The Imperialist and economic rivalries among all the European powers caused a lot of tension as each country tried to rise above the rest. This tension between the countries kept tightening until it was dangerous.
2) The militarism and arms race in each country was another part example of how each country was trying to top the rest. Each country was trying to get more weapons then the rest because it gave them more power and a reassurance that they were safe.
3) The European alliance system was very week and probably caused more problems then solved. Because of the mistrust in these alliances some countries formed a group called the Allies which worked much better.
4) One of the immediate causes of the eruption of World War One was the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand because after it occurred Austria declared war on Serbia.


1) Germany was forever weakened from the reparations they were forced to pay and because they had much of their land taken away.
2) There was a creation of new countries in Europe in the land that was taken from Germany. These countries now surrounded Germany and helped to weaken them even more.
3) The League of Nation was formed because Woodrow Wilson believed it would solve everything. It did not end up helping.
4) World War Two ended up occurring because of the anger that was held in by all of the countries after the first World War

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