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5 Causes and Effects of World War II

1. Hitler defies the Treaty of Versailles and the effect was that Hitler gained popularity amongst Germans and made Western Democracies go into a system of appeasment

2. Francisco Franco leading a revolt and the effect was that Spain was split up into two groups, the nationalists (led by Franco) and the Loyalists. This also led to alliances forming when European powers either supported the nationalists or loyalists example being Hitler and Mussolini helping the nationalists and Franco

3. Hitler was eager to engineer the Anschluss which was the Union of Austria and Germany and the effect was that Hitler went forht with his plan and with no opposition he annexed Austria and was on his way to other countries

4. Hitler wanting Sudetenland being annexed and the effect was British and French leaders choosing appeasement and giving Sudetenland to Hitler in exchange for his "word" that he had no further plans.

5. On September 1, 1939 German forces invade Poland and the effect was that two days later Britain and France declared war on Germany honoring their commitment to protect Poland thus starting World War II

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